2023 Mx. COOL Latte Art Competition

The first latte art competition organized by us was a great success! Hats off to all the participants for their hard work! Gathering everyone together just before the New Year, we hope you all had a fantastic time! It is truly our pleasure to meet with so many talented and incredible competitors. Your participation let us realize how prosperous and thriving coffee is growing in Taiwan as well as all over the world.

Although Mx. COOL is still a new brand, we aspire to gain more recognition through this competition. We won‘t stop and will continue to progress step by step!

Special Thanks to

Our honorable judges
@huan_lin_ 、 @zhe_lun_0601 、 @shawn_chen1026 、 @barista_fraddy 、 @liwei_hsuan 、 @emstagrim

@shawncoffeetw 、 @theninetiescoffee 、 @tbdesignworkshop 、 @cicapro.tw

@theninetiescoffee 、 @tbdesignworkshop 、 @hiroia_official 、 @orea.uk 、 Artefatto、 @brewista.co 、 @hariotaiwan

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