2024 WOC Busan

The four-day journey has been incredible. Everything has exceeded our expectations, and we are honored to have worked alongside our Korean partners throughout the entire exhibition. We were particularly amazed by the diversity and prosperity of Korean specialty coffee, as well as the quality of the lovely people, coffee, and cafes we encountered.

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all sponsors, invited guests, and visitors for visiting our booth over the four days and brewing coffee with us. We are proud to introduce you to the new modifications we have made for Aries, and we will continue to strive for improvement and development. We are also excited to announce that plans are underway to launch the pre-order of Aries in Korea this year. Please be sure to stay tuned to @mxcoolstudio_kr for updates at all times.

We look forward to seeing you at the next show!

Special thanks to @momos for sponsoring us with their delicious and high-quality coffee beans.

More special thanks to:


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2024 WoC Dubai

We are proud to start our year in this lively, cultural, and charming city, Dubai, and to debut our White Aries. Having the chance to meet so many incredible individuals, coffee enthusiasts, and roasters is truly fruitful and beautiful. Coffee has become a new oasis in this region, and we are pleased to see how the coffee industry has thrived.

This year, participating in @worldofcoffeedubai and the Best New Product Competition also gave us a chance to let more people know about us, our product, and what we‘re doing. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our most supportive and devoted partners @Everythingcoffee.ae and @amin18abbasi, and the amazing people that we worked alongside on this journey, @masoud.nashouri and @farshadzamani__. A big thank you to @28coffeetrading as well for sponsoring the coffee beans.

Our goal this year is to bring Aries to more and more bars and into the hands of true coffee lovers. We will also be coming to Chicago and Busan. Stay tuned, and we can‘t wait to meet more of you.


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2024 SCA EXPO Chicago

Finally, we’ve completed another overseas exhibition, this time at the SCA Chicago Coffee Expo. We met many old friends and made new partners. We’re steadily progressing, striving to provide everyone with the best and coolest products! Next, we’ll head to the WOC in Busan, Korea, where we’ll continue to gain exposure worldwide!

Special thanks to @rogue_wave_coffee who have long supported us by sponsoring high-quality coffee beans and assisting with coffee machines.

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2023 Mx. COOL Latte Art Competition

The first latte art competition organized by us was a great success! Hats off to all the participants for their hard work! Gathering everyone together just before the New Year, we hope you all had a fantastic time! It is truly our pleasure to meet with so many talented and incredible competitors. Your participation let us realize how prosperous and thriving coffee is growing in Taiwan as well as all over the world.

Although Mx. COOL is still a new brand, we aspire to gain more recognition through this competition. We won‘t stop and will continue to progress step by step!

Special Thanks to

Our honorable judges
@huan_lin_ 、 @zhe_lun_0601 、 @shawn_chen1026 、 @barista_fraddy 、 @liwei_hsuan 、 @emstagrim

@shawncoffeetw 、 @theninetiescoffee 、 @tbdesignworkshop 、 @cicapro.tw

@theninetiescoffee 、 @tbdesignworkshop 、 @hiroia_official 、 @orea.uk 、 Artefatto、 @brewista.co 、 @hariotaiwan

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2023 Taiwan Int’l Coffee Show

Last year, we were delighted to participate once again in the prestigious coffee show in Taiwan. With three World Coffee Championships hosted at this event, we were thrilled to connect with friends, competitors, roasters, and coffee enthusiasts from around the globe.

In 2024, Mx. COOL is dedicated to advancing and creating more innovative products to elevate the experience of every barista. We’re excited to announce our presence at World of Coffee in Dubai and Busan, as well as the SCA Expo in Chicago. We look forward to seeing y’all there!


2023 Coffee Mania Festival

After four months, we are back at the Coffee Mania Festival!

On the 16th and 17th of last month, Mx. COOL was once again invited to participate in the 2023 Coffee Mania Festival! This was also the first time Aries participated in an exhibition and underwent the test of the real world after the delivery of our first batch! Located in the AI Zone, we brought more Aries machines for interested friends to experience this time at our booth. The cool autumn weather attracted many visitors, and a lot of them showed great interest in Aries. This included professional baristas, cafe owners, home baristas, and coffee enthusiasts of all ages. They not only appreciated the design but also the functionality of Aries. We appreciate everyone’s recognition of our product!

During this fest, we were fortunate to meet many friends who supported us on ZecZec. We are truly grateful for everyone’s love and support for Mx. COOL products.


As a startup brand constantly exploring the coffee equipment field, we do not rest on our hands. On the contrary, we will continuously try more interesting and innovative ways to design better products, allowing coffee enthusiasts and professionals to enjoy the joy of making coffee even more!

Psst… We will be at the 2023 Taipei International Coffee Show in November. What surprises will we have in store? Stay tuned!”


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Justin and Emilee in the House!!

Latest vlog video from @DaddyGotCoffee, check out the link: Vlog

Over the past two weeks, we had an incredible opportunity to meet Justin from @daddygotcoffee and Emilee from @emstragrim at the Mx. COOL headquarters in Taiwan. Even though we only had a morning to hang out, we had a lot of fun testing, brewing, and tasting coffee from Aries.


Being able to chat with Justin about the coffee industry and coffee content creation was truly enjoyable for our team. Every moment of conversation was greatly cherished and appreciated, especially considering how Justin has risen to become a KOL with tens of thousands of followers in just two years. And Emilee, a seasoned coffee enthusiast and competitor brimming with lively energy, being able to brew and create latte art together was indeed a dream come true for each member of our team.


For us to have the chance to meet these amazing individuals from the coffee world has been such a great honor. Coffee isn’t just about consuming caffeine; it’s also a means of connecting people and sharing a mutual love.


Mx. COOL on the way: the United States!

Last month, we had the opportunity to show Aries around the West Coast and gratefully made a lot of friends.


First, the biggest shout-out to @specialtycoffeeguy , who supported us tirelessly all the way from Taiwan to the US, making our journey much easier. It’s really been a great pleasure!


Great great thanks to @sprometheus for inviting us to the finest city in the US and helping us promote Aries to more audience. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent talking in the dreamlike coffee bar. The meeting was a dream come true. Another big thank you to @hiverkairos for having us in @chromaticcoffee , testing Aries to the limit and enjoyed probably too many coffee? and also @brian.quan_ for the unexpected but truly amazing vlog that brings Mx. COOL to people’s attention. Appreciation goes to @ozespresso as well for providing incredible ideas and advice. We are also grateful to Greg from @visionsespresso, @seattlecoffeegear, and Aldo from @baristaequip for their willingness to meet with us and explore more possibilities.


There are too many great fellows to thank, we are really flattered and thankful. You have given us the momentum to push forward and become the fuel to drive us to achieve our best. It makes us believe in what we’re doing and instills the faith to continue learning and thriving. Mx. COOL is on its way, behold.



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Mx. COOL on the way: Bangkok!

A new journey to Bangkok, Thailand ~
We sincerely thank Mixxion Foods for allowing us to showcase the Aries grinder at their booth, enabling us to conduct a product demonstration and introduction before the Thailand Coffee Fest begins.


When this year of Thailand Coffee Fest started, we could feel how the coffee industry grew vigorously in Thailand. In the meantime, we found one of our distributors @rogue_wave_coffee in the coffee fest and also supported us in exhibiting the Aries grinder in their booth. This journey will not end; please stay tuned!


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Taiwan International Coffee Show 2022

Tomorrow marks the start of the annual Taiwan International Coffee Show! We will be waiting in our booth all weekend, eager to showcase our Aries Quick-Release 83mm Conical Burr Grinder for all to experience.
We sincerely invite all coffee lovers to join us and have fun. We are also willing to address any questions you may have!