2023 Coffee Mania Festival

After four months, we are back at the Coffee Mania Festival!

On the 16th and 17th of last month, Mx. COOL was once again invited to participate in the 2023 Coffee Mania Festival! This was also the first time Aries participated in an exhibition and underwent the test of the real world after the delivery of our first batch! Located in the AI Zone, we brought more Aries machines for interested friends to experience this time at our booth. The cool autumn weather attracted many visitors, and a lot of them showed great interest in Aries. This included professional baristas, cafe owners, home baristas, and coffee enthusiasts of all ages. They not only appreciated the design but also the functionality of Aries. We appreciate everyone’s recognition of our product!

During this fest, we were fortunate to meet many friends who supported us on ZecZec. We are truly grateful for everyone’s love and support for Mx. COOL products.


As a startup brand constantly exploring the coffee equipment field, we do not rest on our hands. On the contrary, we will continuously try more interesting and innovative ways to design better products, allowing coffee enthusiasts and professionals to enjoy the joy of making coffee even more!

Psst… We will be at the 2023 Taipei International Coffee Show in November. What surprises will we have in store? Stay tuned!”


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