Mx. COOL on the way: the United States!

Last month, we had the opportunity to show Aries around the West Coast and gratefully made a lot of friends.


First, the biggest shout-out to @specialtycoffeeguy , who supported us tirelessly all the way from Taiwan to the US, making our journey much easier. It’s really been a great pleasure!


Great great thanks to @sprometheus for inviting us to the finest city in the US and helping us promote Aries to more audience. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent talking in the dreamlike coffee bar. The meeting was a dream come true. Another big thank you to @hiverkairos for having us in @chromaticcoffee , testing Aries to the limit and enjoyed probably too many coffee? and also @brian.quan_ for the unexpected but truly amazing vlog that brings Mx. COOL to people’s attention. Appreciation goes to @ozespresso as well for providing incredible ideas and advice. We are also grateful to Greg from @visionsespresso, @seattlecoffeegear, and Aldo from @baristaequip for their willingness to meet with us and explore more possibilities.


There are too many great fellows to thank, we are really flattered and thankful. You have given us the momentum to push forward and become the fuel to drive us to achieve our best. It makes us believe in what we’re doing and instills the faith to continue learning and thriving. Mx. COOL is on its way, behold.



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